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Have you ever thought about this simple yet amazing reality?

Each one of us is taught to write in the exact same way. We learn to write alphabets in a book which is a universal handwriting book. Yet, as we grow, we all develop a unique handwriting, just like we have a unique fingerprint. Wonder why? How?

The word Graphology comes from the Greek: Graphos- which means- Drawing, design, writing, and Logos- which means- Study or treaty. Graphology is the study and analysis of handwriting. Our handwriting changes as we grow up. This happens due to the way we are raised, our conditioning, programming, and the way it affects our personalities. Literally, we write, and depict who we are.

Let me talk a little about how this happens.

Writing anything means making a series of dots. Like we all know, everything that happens begins with a simple thought. When we think about something, or a thought comes by, we react in a certain way. That reaction creates an impulse in every person. This impulse comes onto the paper through the electromechanical system of our physical body. From the Brain to the paper.

Each impulse comes on to the paper in the form of a dot. And a series of dots becomes lines, curves, loops, angles or dots. All these together create writing (graphs).  The study of these graphs is called Graphology.

Handwriting is Brain Writing. For any activity that we do, the brain sends instructions in the form of electric impulses through the nervous system. When an impulse is created in the brain, it travels around a circuit within the brain before it is transmitted. Every person has a different and unique circuit. The neural pathways for every individual are different and unique. Hence, the writing is unique to every person.

Graphology is not only the study and analysis of mere hand writing, it tells us what is happening to our physical bodies based on how we are feeling in our energy bodies. Graphology studies the “Manomaya Kosha” -The Mind, and how it connects to the “Pranamaya Kosha”- The Energy Body and the effects of the Energy Body on our ‘Annamaya Kosha” – The Physical Body.

It is a great tool that tells us about our personalities.

Graphology is an Art and a Science. It is an art because the graphologist keeps in mind the total context in which the writing is taking place: the ‘gestalt’ of the writing as a whole. It is a science because it looks at the structure and movement of the written forms with accuracy and precision.

Writing consists of three things – movement, spacing and form. A graphologist studies these variations as they occur in each of these aspects of writing, and attaches psychological interpretations to them. Expert graphologists can achieve a very high degree of accuracy.

Graphology gives an unbiased outline of the unique personality and behaviour of an individual. It gives a realistic view on problems that confront people from all walks of life, every day of their lives.

There are various other things that Graphology takes into account- The signature of a person, which stems from the writing. However, this is given utmost importance as it brings about a completely different aspect of human nature.

Graphologists also take into account doodling.

Each one of us has that one page in our books where we turn to draw things, or we tend to make certain symbols or just scribble while in thought, or a deep conversation or while watching something. There are also certain ways in which certain symbols are used by people. All of these tell a lot about a person.  While Graphology can be done and a persons’ character and personality can be studied by the handwriting without their presence, a lot can be analysed about a person when they are present and are given a paper while talking to them.

Graphology is not restricted to the English language only. There are various aspects that one can analyse through the vernacular script too.

Our impulses make us write the way we do. Every formation is a result of who we are. When a Graphologist is analysing handwriting, it is not the content that matters, formation is of importance.

A GraphoTherapist is a person, who is a Graphologist and offers therapy to resolve the issues that show up in a persons handwriting. By making changes in the formations and practicing for a period mentioned by the therapist, one can resolve the issues that are faced.

Today, Graphology is used widely for various reasons. Recruitment, selecting a life partner, a business partner, understanding self, child development, criminology are some of the names.

As a practicing Graphotherapist I can truly say that –


Deepa Thakore



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