Training workshops

Enrich your knowledge and skills through transformative training workshops at The Miracle Ttwa, guided by experts in the realm of alternative healing


Start your journey towards
becoming a internationally
certified clinical hypnotherapist

Law of Attraction

Basic course - 1 day
Advanced course - 2 days

Money workshop

3 day advanced Law of attraction workshop to help you move from Lack consciousness to Abundance mindset

Music Therapy

Become a government
certified Music Therapist
Duration -3 Months
Once a week


Become a government
certified Graphotherapist
Level 1, 2, 3
2 weeks each

Usui Reiki

Become a government certified
Reiki Master
Level 1- 2 Days
Level 2 - 2 Days
Master Level - 4 Days

Chakra Healing Course

Basic level - 2 days
Advanced practitioner
level - 5 days

Teen Talk

Supporting adolescents in
handling their teen troubles
and Empowering them to
achieve their highest potential.


Learn the most effective ways
of using this powerful
technique of manifestation
Course duration - 4 hours

Vision Board Workshop

Course duration - 2 days
( 4 hours each)

Green Tara Workshop

Online Course duration- 2days

Money Coach Training Program

Become a government certified Moneycoach Course duration - 3 Months Twice a week

Why Choose us?

Choose us for our commitment to offering proven alternative healing practices, expert guidance, and a personalized approach to your wellness journey.


Count on us for steadfast and trustworthy guidance in your pursuit of holistic well-being at The Miracle Ttwa


We stand by you, providing unwavering support and encouragement throughout your healing and growth journey at The Miracle Ttwa.


Trust in our consistent and dependable approach to alternative healing, ensuring your well-being is our priority at The Miracle Ttwa.


"Your trust and privacy are paramount to us, ensuring complete confidentiality in every aspect of your healing journey at The Miracle Ttwa

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Our Mission

Our mission at The Miracle Ttwa is to empower individuals to discover the transformative potential of alternative healing and embrace a balanced, harmonious life.


Through The Miracle Ttwa’s extensive certificate programs in alternative medicine, arm yourself with transforming knowledge.


Get transformative knowledg by enrolling in one of The Miracle Ttwa’s many alternative medicine certificate programs.


Create a wholesome setting for the study of diverse alternative treatment approaches.


Access globally recognized, up-to-date alternative healing curriculum at The Miracle Ttwa, fostering personal and professional growth with ethics, producing skilled specialists.


Pricing plans​

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Light session


Standart session


Individual session


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Take care of your mental health

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