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Discover the visionary minds behind The Miracle Ttwa, Deepa Thakore and Dr. Sophia Dsouza, whose passion fuels our holistic healing mission.

Dr Sophia dsouza


Dr. Sophia Dsouza (M.D. DPH), is a practicing Allopath, a Preventive medicine consultant and ex- Professor at H.B.T. Medical College, Mumbai. She has been training Medical students for over 20 years. She is an IMDHA (International Medical Dental Hypnotherapists Association) certified clinical hypnotherapist from EKAA, and holds a gold medalist in Transpersonal Regression Therapy from TASSO Institute, Netherlands.
Dr Sophia Dsouza (M.D. DPH) stands at the intersection of conventional medicine and holistic well-being. With a distinguished career as a practicing Allopath and a Preventive Medicine Consultant, Dr Sophia’s expertise is deeply rooted in her extensive academic and clinical background.
For over two decades, she served as a Professor at H.B.T. Medical College in Mumbai, where she dedicated herself to shaping the minds of future medical professionals and has left an indelible mark on the medical community.
Dr Sophia is a distinguished member of the IMDHA (International Medical Dental Hypnotherapists Association) and holds certifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the prestigious EKAA institute. Her pursuit of excellence led her to earn a gold medal in Transpersonal Regression Therapy from the esteemed TASSO Institute in the Netherlands.
Dr Sophia is a certified Access Bars facilitator and practitioner, a skilled sound healer, and an accomplished Energy Medicine practitioner. She is also a Law of Attraction and Prosperity Coach.
Dr Sophia is a published author, with her book “Healing World of Crystals” being a testament to her deep understanding of alternative therapies. Furthermore, she has numerous publications in both national and international journals, further establishing her as a thought leader in the field.
With a career that seamlessly weaves together conventional medicine and holistic practices, Dr Sophia Dsouza embodies a comprehensive approach to well-being that addresses both the physical and metaphysical aspects of health.

deepa thakore


Deepa Thakore is a remarkable individual whose journey encompasses a diverse range of talents and expertise. Armed with a postgraduate MBA in Finance, Deepa’s career commenced in the world of banking and corporate finance, where she gained valuable insights into the intricacies of the financial sector.
Deepa is a classically trained vocalist with over 2 decades of experience as a teacher and mentor, impacting students from across the globe with her musical prowess.

Deepa’s holistic journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. She is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, having trained at the internationally acclaimed EKAA institute. Her pursuit of knowledge led her to earn a postgraduate diploma in Transpersonal Regression Therapy from TASSO in the Netherlands.

In the realm of holistic wellness, Deepa an internationally certified Access Consciousness facilitator and practitioner, a Certified Graphotherapist- Handwriting, Drawing, and Signature Analyst, and trainer, as well as a government-certified Music Therapist. Her qualifications also extend to Reiki Grandmaster and Akashik Record reader.

Notably, Deepa Thakore’s expertise includes Energy Medicine, a discipline she honed under the guidance of the renowned Donna Eden, earning her certification as an Energy Medicine practitioner.

Deepa’s multi-faceted journey is a testament to her commitment to holistic well-being, education, and personal growth. Her ability to seamlessly blend finance, music, and alternative therapies into a harmonious whole is a testament to her dedication to empowering individuals on their path to holistic wellness and self-discovery.

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